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Just wanted to check if someone had any ideas on possible solutions to starting problems with the 451 Micro Hybrid Drive.

Whether hot or cold my smart has issues starting, sometimes I have to turn the key 2-3 times before it finally stumbles and fires up.
I get the feeling that the starter-alternator turns more slowly than usual and it has gotten worse over the last few weeks.
There are no issues with the alternator charging voltage.

* No error codes presented.
* I have replaced the battery with a new AGM unit.
* Checked and cleaned battery and starter connections / cables.
* The Poly V-belt is new and not slipping.

Anyone have a suggestion before I take the engine out and replace the rather expensive Valeo alternator-starter unit?

Thanks in advance!


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Other than guesses, you probably won't get much help from the USA crowd. We did not get the MHD version. We were lucky to get the 451, 451ED, and 453 for a short time. Have you tried They got em over there.
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