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True, you are limited by the availability of bolt in some areas, and you sometimes have to get by with what you have. If someone is planning on an exhaust replacement or repair, I was only offering an alternative material that would help combat that ever present corrosion issue all cars are prone to because of their operating environment. Locally here is and Ace hardware, and a Runnings that both carry metric sizes and a variety of different materials for bolts, and I live in a smaller town.

The ideal method to replacing the flex pipe would be to have some sort of a fixture that you could assemble the exhaust off the car and have the correct angles for the pipe and muffler, as well as the exact measurements to get the perfect alignment of the mounting flange, and location of the muffler hangers. Not too practical for doing a single exhaust. Plus the fact you are working with stainless steel parts that do need specific welding equipment to do the job correctly. Most people do not have that type of setup available to them so the best way would be to take it to an exhaust shop that makes their own pipes and systems. That may not be the least expensive way to go
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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