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451 Secondary air system delete

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Howdy everyone!

So I have googled, search this forum and evolutions site and my results have been nill... lol

I have an ‘09 and got the P0410 code so I looked in engine bay and have a vacuum hose nipple busted off. I live in a non emissions area and have thoughts of a turbo in the future so instead of buying a egr control valve I’m interested in reading a system delete write up and buying what ever parts needed say, block off plate, resistor thing and some plug stuff.

Any help with direction, links and or parts to buy would be fantastic!

Thank you so much for your time...
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I believe that a resistor in place of the air pump will not prevent the CEL. The ECU will look for the O2 signal to lean out when the pump is activated. The CEL might not log right away, but eventually will. I think that the pump has to be tuned out via remapping the ECU.

Good luck, please keep us posted on your solution.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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