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453 6 1/2 " door speaker adapters on Amazon!

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I'm sure this may be known by many people but I wanted to post for those that don't. I myself am just now finding that I can order from Amazon UK from my US amazon account through the amazon app on my phone. I had no idea how easy it was. Just ordered the speaker adapters for my 453. Yes I could of used a dremel and a cut off wheel to chop the speaker basket off of the spacer ring of the factory drivers but I wanted to start fresh and clean. Did some research and found that I could go in to my settings on the Amazon app and change the location to the UK without affecting previously set shipping locations. It then reloads to the Amazon UK version. You can place the orders as usual.

Maybe you all knew this already but I sure didn't. I can't begin to explain the amount of times I found (on amazon UK) different parts I needed or wanted for performance scooter builds I've done in the past 6-7 years. I always ended up buying from Germany, France, Italy, or Great Britain and paying the premium for shipping. Anyway, not that you all care to hear about my seemingly constant need for Euro parts. I just was elated and wanted to let you folks know that you can order parts fron Amazon UK that are non existent on our US Amazon.
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I just wanted to possibly open some doors to parts availability for a somewhat exclusive and somewhat hard to shop for car. I give no real effs about Amazon in any specific ways. Hope it helps someone.
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