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Looking through the 453 owner's manual, I see that the alarm will go off if the doors, tailgate, windows, service cover are not closed properly or the motion sensor is triggered.

There is nothing in the manual about error codes the alarm reports back.

Well the alarm goes off, I hit the unlock button to shut off the noise and I don't get the normal 'one beep' but instead I get the side markers flashing twice (and no one beep 'armed' confirmation).

I've had an aftermarket Clifford alarm system before and when you get the markers flashing, the alarm was telling you what sensor was triggered - one flash meant something, two flashes meant something, etc.

*So what does two flashes on the factory 453 alarm mean?*

I posted in 453 but welcome experiences 451 peeps that might have gotten the two flashes error code as well.
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