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453 Arm Rest. Adjustable with storage space and easy install

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Turned in my lease but kept my Italian made aftermarket arm rest. Storage space inside and it's a 5 MINUTE INSTALL
Only thing to note is that it installs into the rear cup holder so that is eliminated, and due to the center console rigidity, its flexes a bit. This didn't affect the usability one bit. Also, where the seat belt receiver rubs against it, there is a little bit of scuffing but that is easily rubbed off.

I think an armrest is a MUST HAVE and this one is pretty great

Still listed at the same price as I bought it for at $141, but I would be happy to let it go for 50 bucks plus whatever shipping might cost (10 bucks or less?)

The below eBay listing is the exact item I have for sale and the same seller I bought it from (but it's not my listing...only provided for informational purposes)

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Yup, 453. I responded to your private message
Have had the same one in my 453 for about 3 years. Not perfect but will do the job just fine! Great price too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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