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I found I like to shift not with the paddles, but rather with the shifter in the D position, over to the left, much like the 450 shifting with automatic mode off.
But the 453 has this 'baseball stitching' molded into the handle, supposedly to mimic a leather cover?...
It felt wrong, and left a redness in my palm so I got this nice and smooth, real carbon cover that is molded in two halves.

The piece for sale is new in the package with the adhesive strips unpeeled.
I got a matching carbon e-brake handle cover for $100 and in the box was both the e-brake handle cover And a shift knob cover (which I already had).

The shift knob cover is done really well - the 'grain' of the carbon cloth mates between the two halves; just peel and stick.
'Adhesion Promoter' packet to clean your shift knob is included too.

PM me if interested.
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