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453 electric for non-CARB states

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Had an e-mail exchange with my local (140 miles away) Smart dealership and here are a few interesting quotes from that exchange.

2014 EV

"We won't get 2017 EDs until maybe June. We will still have service available for some time, usually at least 3 years but it can be up to 10. The service department will be the ones who get the bulletins about that.

Have you received anything from smart USA yet? I haven't, but they told us they would be alerting customers.

We have been told that all states will be able to get the ED, although we may have to order them. But we won't have to jump through hoops anymore!"
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I hope you get what you are looking for. It's going to be a fantastic car as long as you are happy with its range.
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When I ordered my 2014 smartED I was working at my local dealership.

Placed the order and it got cancelled (Virginia is a non-CARB state).

Placed again, cancelled again.

I called smartUSA and had a LONG discussion w/ them.

They told me to purchase MY smartED from a Maryland dealer (MD is a CARB state).
I'm sorry, but there is no way I am going to give MY business to a competing dealership!!!

Placed the build order 5 times til it finally went through to get MY car built and delivered to MY dealer.

Hope nobody ever has an issue like that again?
I hate when that happens. I've even had it happen to a gas car here and there...
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