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Couldn't really find a how to anywhere so thought I would put one here for other folks to hopefully add onto if I missed something.

To drop the engine pack out of the car you have to remove the inner wheel wells, disconnect the muffler from the car frame, and remove the suspension brace.

Once complete you can place one jack between the engine oilpan/transmission differential or one under the transmission on the far left and one on the oil pan on the far right. Make sure you use a piece of wood to get good weigh distribution. Disconnect the air intact hose and remove the cooling fan in the top left corner of the engine bay. Specifically the bracket holding the fan in place, two nuts and a bolt.

Once in place remove the nuts on the elevated portion of the engine bracket on both sides. Slowly lower the pack while gently wiggling it back and forth. Pay clos attention to the shaft that connects the pack to the passenger side tire. If you go to far down the pack will actually hit the shaft and put pressure on it. I stopped min about a half inch away from touching the shaft.

At this point you will have full access to anything on the pack. When work is complete you and jack it back up into place. Prior to jacking them up remove the engine mounts (two nuts per mount). You may have to push the pack towards the front of the car while raising the pack up. Having a person to run the jack and another to push would be really helpful at this step. Also pay close attention to the positive crank ventilation system hose located near the oil fill cap as it can get pinched between the engine and the frame. Same goes for the air intake on the drivers side.

Once the pack is back in place and secured make sure the crank shaft position sensor located near the oil pan on the bottom of the car is still securely fastened, the process of lowering and raising the pack can cause the connector to come loose and cause a "Open circuit fault" for that sensor.......
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