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sad not come to the USA

The long awaited 453 facelift is to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show soon. Awesomely, smart has released a couple sketches of what to expect:

Looks like they're rounding out the front end and updating lighting front and back. I think they're going full LED front and back.

2020 marks the year smart goes electric worldwide, so no gassers will wear the new clothes. I know we won't get these cars here, but I fully expect some people to definitely retrofit the facelift parts! :)

If these spy shots are any clue, the rear end only gets lighting treatments.

I definitely want to see if they do any interior changes and/or performance changes!
I think it was a wrong move on the part of Smart to not bring the Forfour to the USA. I think it would sell more than the two seat Fortwo.
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