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453 fog light access

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Does anyone happen to know what screws need to be removed to be able to pull back the front of the wheel well to gain access to the fog lights? One of mine burnt out, i bought replacements, but can't for the life of me figure out what screws to take out, and the owners manual isn't really all that helpful. Can reach the bulb AROUND the wheel well lining, but probably would be fairly difficult getting the replacement bulb back in place and plugged in.
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I dunno... still kinda hard to figure out with that. The owners manual says to turn the wheel and remove the two screws at the front of the wheel well to be able to pull it back and access the fog light. But where they seem to be pointing to, i don't see any screws that seem to hold the fender liner in place. There's one screw pretty far up the front of the fender, but that seems like it actually holds the front end onto the fender. The only screws i can seem to find are along the bottom edge of the front trim... but at this point i'm not sure if they have a part in holding the fender liner in place, or if they hold on the "spoiler" that's under the front trim piece.

I'll have to check it out some more when the weather gets a bit warmer. Not fun handling cold plastic in cold air with cold wind blowing around you.
It's alright. Should be about 60-ish here over the weekend. Right now... about 30 degrees.
Well... got them replaced... but didn't bother to try to remove screws to pull back the wheel well liner. Just squeezed my hand into the little gap next to the fog light housings and managed to get the new bulbs in. Arm took a bit of a beating, though.... stupid sharp plastic.

But, it DOES seem like the main screw that holds the bottom edge of the wheel well liner in place is in fact along the bottom of the front trim. Was looking at it, and noticed there's a screw over what looks like a tab connected to the wheel well liner as well as maybe the side of the rubber flap under the front trim.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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