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453 Radio / Stereo

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I’m looking to replace the stereo on my 453 (2016) to a touchscreen display. Will this unit work?

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Yes, but it will not interface with the steering wheel controls. Take a look at
you will have to wire yourself a custom harness from the old to the new. There are fit kits out there, but none sold in the US.
Thanks. Those are helpful. I don’t think the lack of steering wheel controls bother me, just more worried about the fit of a standard single din unit, the compatibility of the wiring, and any modifications I’ll need to make as a result (which I’m hoping there are few).

Im tempted to just buy one of the Chinese units on eBay for an easy plug and play but a bit worried about the quality and if there are any issues, the return/refund process.
The one that you linked is a generic Chinese unit. I would go with a 453 specific one. What have you decided to do in the end?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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