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Kind of late to this thread, but I just went through this exercise... So,
Here are couple things I learned:
  • Reason to remove this lock cover is because you have to remove this lock cover and pull back the latch handle cover on the right to reveal the last screw underneath to remove outside gate panel. I need to take it off so I can install a backup camera above the license plate.
  • To remove the lock cover, you should use something flat and sturdy to push inward (short side of the lock cover toward the center direction), just push a little and don't push too hard or you will break the plastic tab that hold the lock cover in place.
  • Wiggle and pull the lock cover toward the back (kind of a rolling down action)
  • It helps to do this in a warmer temperature (plastic is less brittle in warmer temperature and less likely to break)
  • The lock cover part number is 4537401500, a $25 (plus shipping) fix if any mistake is made...
Just my $0.02 worth of comments and hope they may help other 453 owners who are new to this DIY thing.
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