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The brand on that particular one is Seicane (but they are just a reseller, the actual unit is a px5 based Android unit that they install some of their stuff on). I bought one direct from seicane and just finished installing it this weekend. They are ok but nothing special. It required a bit of fiddling to get seated properly (I ended up just removing one of the clips and it made life a lot easier). The silver backplate from the factory stereo doesn't fit in properly with this particular one because of the location of one of their ribbon cable connectors, but that's no big deal).

They are very cheap units at the end of the day. I ended up having to do a couple of full resets on it to get it to behave properly and it came with some software on it that was pretty ... ummm ... questionable in terms of the fact that it warned be that it was installed illegally when I tried to launch it! Unfortunately that is also one of the apps that you can't delete ... but not one that I would probably use much anyway so I just moved it to the end page and will ignore it (it was software that mirrors a phone screen to the built-in screen that apparently doesn't work very well to start with anyway).

I also added one of the Zbox USB carplay dongles (for iPhone) and it works ok, but I had to find and install the latest software for it to work properly, the one that was bundled with it had audio issues (a known issue that they already fixed, but the seicane folks didn't put the latest onto the unit).

All-in-all it is still a big improvement over the standard factory unit. The GPS seems to work fine and I already have it playing all the music that I wanted and Carplay working so I'm a mostly happy camper.

For anyone else stumbling into this one I'll share a couple of URLS (on was pretty hard to find, for the Zbox software update).

(Unless you speak Chinese you will likely want to use google to translate this one, but the top link is for the latest APK installer that automatically also updated the firmware in the Carpplay dongle): ??????????

And this is the unit I bought. You can find a bunch of other sellers for these that are probably cheaper if you look hard enough, but I don't trust ebay much these days after having been burned too many times so was happier buying direct from their site:

Hope this helps.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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