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I had airbag-light on in my 2005 Smart Forfour. I took the battery off and checked the drivers airbag joints. I soldered those because they look suspicious and had been soldered in some point.

Now after the "Repair" the car wont crank, it just clicks and dash-lights are blinking. Tried to charge the battery and it didnt Make the difference.

I got it running when I pushed it down the hill and it worked fine. But when I turned the car off, it doesnt start from the key...just clicks. Tried it twice.

This is pretty crap situation because I like the little car and now have to use the bus to get to work.

I have a Icarsoft-tester and it says "B1761 vin is not written in control unit n10/10 Left SAM control unit"

Thanks for the help, if someone has any ideas🥴
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