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13 Lil Buggers are inspected, detailed, and ready for delivery!

I am on duty at Ft Lewis Washington the next 10~11 days and staying at a hotel near the South Center Mall and business district in Tukwila.

To my surprise the smart Center Seattle is not in Seattle, but here in Tukwila tucked up a high traffic area near the Mall complex (very expensive dirt!)

I met Ethan Smith, General Manager and we had a good chat as he gave me the grand tour.

He is deservedly proud of his GIANT facility. He is also an adept businessman. Reads people well, and knows the craft of making people like him and have confidence in his ability and knowledge.

I tired to push a few "car dealer" buttons and he would not take the bait. In fact he diffused much of it by agreeing with the crapola I was selling and claiming that he enjoys this new venture because can effectively break the mold and present a product that sells it self so he can focus on customer service and build a lasting reputation.

Every thing about the smart Canter Seattle operation is professional and classy. A little big and imposing for my tastes initially, but by the end of my hour visit, I felt comfortable and at home in the vast expanses of their facility.

It was cool to kick some tires acting interested in the cars while secretly observing the sales staff interact with an elderly couple who were very interested but not "reserved" yet.

Fun to watch the lady as she looked all around the car (in the BIG building the smart fortwo is optically a VERY VERY little car.... a neat effect) her astonishment as she and her husband opened the doors and climbed in was pure joy to watch.

They were hooked, and again the Lil Bugger does all the work for the sales staff.

Ethan and group are first class, their smart house is superb, and I envy the folks in this region

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Nice write-up. Made me want to go up for a visit. Most of the reservists assigned smart center Portland get their predelivery information from Ethan's posts. Thanks!
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