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Welcome to Blinker.

This is a link to the inventory, (see below) we currently have over 60 Smart cars in stock and ready for a new SMART home, we are selling most of them starting as low as $5,000.00 and go all the way up to $12,700 (most $5-6$ range)

  • Years- 2012- 2016
  • Miles- 100-39,000 (most under 10,000 miles
  • Lost of different colors and packages!
  • If you dont see your next car you can call us (good chance we have it)
  • Pure:)
  • Passion:D
  • Electric :):)
  • Cabriolet :D:D:D

If you use Promo Code "SMART" you will get a check from Blinker for $200 above and beyond what you negotiate the final sale price for. You are welcome to share the promo code with anyone who is SMART worthy.

Blinker is the app that allows you to buy a car however our partner is Sixt and they own the inventory. We are Blogging here to help our partner see cars and promote/create awareness about our app.

Feel Free to Download our free award wining app. if you live in Texas, Colorado, Florida and California. If you do not live in one of these states we still can sell you a car however, you will need to do it "Old School" with paperwork and a check book. (using blinker you just sign your phone and done) if anyone has a question please call our support team at 844-854-0805 we are open 7 days a week from 8am-7pm mountain time, we would love to hear from you, everyone is very nice and we are just here to help.
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