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Just want to say... Overwhelming subforum :O

Few questions to the experienced , I'm still gathering info on this car but as usual I have gotten a taste of the agility and some features of it and gotten to like it... now I want more acceleration :D hope you can help me out with these questions

-Whats a safe level of boost for a 600cc stock turbo smart to be upgraded to on factory internals?

-bolt on turbo options? (I can't afford fancy manifold or highly flowed one at the moment. Budgeting for turbo, injectors, intake piping- then the stuff that goes wrong)

--Turbo wont be a massive one, needs some top end mid range. Not going to use a ton of boost at low rpm, its not a diesel... but wouldn't say no to it spooling quick.

+from what I read here people have 1241 and 1544 turbos on their 1000cc, and the 1241 is for 0.4-1.2 making just about right. I want to know bolt on options though. As I say budget is not massive at this time but I am giving in a little :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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