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Hi guys, im new here.

I am in need from some experts or some who got maybe the same version with mine. Sorry for the long post.

So I have a 453, i got it second hand and the car was a rental car before.
My issue is: Weak AC basically.

After a thorough inspection with many mechanics, we found out the ac fan (at the radiator) does not increase the speed when the car is driving fast, which confuses the car and force it to cut off the ac performance. One of the mechanics programmed it to be always at high speed the fan, but this caused the condestioner to freeze and blowing pieces of ice so we revert it back to weak performance.

My 453 doesnt have the "auto clima". i have the basic type controler (photo below)
Also one mechanic said that i am missing the climabox which is located under the steering wheel (LHDrive). Do you know if this version of Ac should have climabox?

I understand quite a lot about cars but not about those Ac/electrical things.

Any help is appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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