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Hi guys, I’ve just recently bought a 453 2015 0.9T in the uk.
A few issues;
I can’t change the time. Everytime I click on change time it shows me it’s locked. Same with the media system videos and those kinda things.

im looking at getting a new set of wheels. Currently on it are 165x65x15 the new ones are 185x45x15. Will they rub? Will I be good? No rubbing on spring on full lock or hitting the inner arch.

if I change the wheels will the car go into limp mode because of the TPS sensors? Obvs over here if I get an mot (inspection) to the car each year it will fail. So how easy are the TPS to change?

the car idles so low, it feels like it’s going to stall. It bounces from maybe 0.7-1.1k and the other day it was misfiring. The first time I’ve felt it. As it was hitting boost it felt like.

thanks for any advice.Or help much appreciated guys.
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