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A very special thanks to Gary and Arrita (and the rest of the gang down at Fontana) for showing their kindness toward me and my wife Barb who did the nose dive over "the rock". She loves the wooden dragon . It means a lot to her , even though she didn't get to participate as much as she liked, she felt as though she was a member of the club anyway and made the best of what she could.
The end result of the "rock" is a fractured wrist and bruised up knee; she just needs to keep them both wrapped up for a few weeks.

:D "Thank You" from us to all you partners in crime, we had a blast!:D

Kevin and Barb
I enjoyed meeting You and Barb, and all of the other really nice people there.....
Oh, and Jetfuel too ! :wink:
21 - 21 of 21 Posts