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A trick to change your air filter if you have the rubber flex hose.

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Hello guys, I came up with a little trick to change your air filter if you have the "impossible" flex tube type intake instead of that straight plastic pipe.

Begin by loosening both hose clamps on the flex tube. Remove the flex tube side connected to the airbox side and lift that half out. Get some needle nose pliers and lift up the rubber on the other end and spray some silicone or white lithium grease underneath the plasic where the flex tube connects to your intake manifold housing. Let it sit for 5 mins or so. Use a thin screwdriver or other piece of metal like a coat hanger to break the seal on that rubber and work it off the pipe slowly. Once it's coming off, you can just force the flex tube up and out of your way.

Don't forget the clip in the middle of your airbox underneath the pipe. There are no clips on the rear. Remove the airbox lid, change your filter, and DON'T FOLLOW THESE STEPS IN REVERSE ORDER.

Once you have the filter changed, attatch that rubber flex tube to your airbox lid before putting the lid back on. It's a lot easier to take that tube out than to put it back on when your air filter box lid is already on. By putting the flex tube on your lid first, you don't have to force it back in place. From this point on, you can fit your lid on and the tube will already be in place.
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The first time I removed that little hose, it indeed was difficult. But when I replaced it I put a light coating of grease on the inside of both ends of that hose and presto, it slides on and off easily now.
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