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Hi there,

My name is Gabe. I just joined this forum. I've found a 2015 Smart Fortwo Passion electric vehicle for sale, and it has less than 18,000 miles on it. My late mother-in-law had a gas-powered smart and absolutely loved it, and she'd be happy to know that I'm thinking of getting this one.


I purchased a Red '09 Smart w/33k original a few years ago from an original owner. Would not start. I bought it for a song. Turns out it just need a replacement clutch actuator ($1,100), and has been very reliable every since. Then last yr I purchased a white '15 Smart ED w/13k from a bank auction for $4800. We have put on around 3k miles. ZERO issues. LOVE IT.

You would think the MBZ dealer would have a "record" of any work or recalled on this Smart you have interest in. Contact the prior owners. Did you check? BUY IT! :)
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