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My AC compressor on my 2011 passion 451 seized and went out recently so I got a replacement. I installed the new one and once everything was set the compressor would not turn.

The freon pressure was at 100 with one can of Freon back in (after vacuum draining the lines), the number 20 10 amp fuse was good, the temperature sensor under the passenger side seems good (unplugging it causes the fans in the front to stop and plugging it back in the fans turn back on), and there is sufficient coolant. When hot wiring the compressor the clutch engages. Measuring voltage on the wire (coming from the wiring harness) that connects to the compressor shows no power being sent to the compressor.

Does anyone know anything that would prevent power from being sent to the compressor?

Ive tried the suggestions Ive seen in other threads about moving the temperature selector up and down a few times and turning the ac on and off a couple times via the dash button.
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