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AC/Heater Fan Not Getting Power

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Hi All,
First time posting. I have a 2015 Passion. The ac/heater fan just stopped working. Worked fine one day, and not the next. The fan has been bench tested and works fine. The fuse is good. The resistor is good. Could the control unit have just gone bad? Any advice would be appreciated.
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…from your owners manual read EVERY fuse listed…not just the first one you come across…

Thanks for your reply. I have checked all fuses. All of the systems linked to each of the other fuses are working. None of the other fuse descriptions in my manual mention the HVAC blower. Fuse #14 is for the ac compressor. The fuse is good, and the compressor cycles on and off . Fuse # 20 mentions the air conditioner system, but all other items connected to #20 are working. Do you have any other suggestions?
I have a funny soft spot in both the fan speed control and the temperature control. Did you try all positions in
the two controls?
Have tried all positions. One of the first things I did.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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