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This weekend my sister texted photos of her 2008 fortwo on fire and after the fire department put it out. A friend was using it to run an errand and she saw smoke, pulled over and saw fire coming out of the rear.

I did some research for her and found out about the recall that seems to have been announced last week.

I am going to inspect my car (well, my wife's car) this week. Does anyone here know what to look for? I was looking at parts diagrams yesterday and couldn't figure out what part is deforming.

Anyone here know what my sister should do? Does she just let her insurance co. deal with it or should she contact Mercedes? She is in the Jacksonville, FL area if that matters.


P.S. I was previously known in these forums as AlanPerry, but the password reset mechanism would not e-mail me reset instructions and the help mechanism kept asking me to log in, so I created a new forum account.
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