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I got this Android unit off eBay:

9" Android 6.0 Car GPS Radio for Smart Fortwo W453 2014-2017 Octa Core 32G 2Gb

So far I love it! It's like you have an OEM look tablet in the middle, much improved the cabin look, more like 21sth century now lol.

The only complain I have is that every time I turn on the car, I have to turn on the hot spot on my phone so I can play Spotfy directly of the Android unit instead of using blue tooth. I also have the factory JBL package. When I installed the unit, it didn't really work well with the JBL package. It had sound, but when you turn it loud, it just some crap noise like you were playing music from your cell phone speakers. So I went with a shop and let them upgrade the factory Harman amplifier, which was replaced underneath the driver seat if you are wondering. I went with a Focal 4-channel amplifier ( to boost the speakers and tweeters on the doors. With the amplifier upgrade, now the JBL speakers sound as great as, or even better than the factory audio package. The mid and low are much improved.

Future upgrade on top of this Android unit:
The unit is compatible with back up camera, so I will try to install a back up camera and hook it up to the unit.
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