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Harbor Freight Tools has a 12v plug-in 250lb max air compressor with built in gauge (psi & bar), for sale for $9,95.

On Fri-Sat-Sun OCT 5,6,7 they are having a Parking lot sale and the compressor will be $5.29.

This unit fits perfectly in the air compressor well factory provided in the car. This with a bottle of Slime should give you "No worries".

I've own and have used this compressor, it's great. Don't forget the valve-core tool.

It is lot #4077 They have Slime cheap too.

Find a store near you at: 3Ws.harborfrieghtusa. (com). This site won't let me provide a link until I've posted 3 times. If you are confused, email me.

At least once, do something Smart in your life !

Donald (As in Duck)
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