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Almost new owner

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Hello everyone!
I checked for Smart Fortwo EQ for few time now. I live in Vegas, Nevada, and not a lot of buying opportunity. I finally found one with a price I am ok with.
The actual owner let me borrow it for the day by myself (very nice), and we will make the paper work, tomorrow. So today I have to decide!!!
Few things are making me worried, he told me, he is the 2nd owner, he have it for 2 years and doesn't do any service on it. The Smart is from 2014, with 28000 miles and we decide for $5200.
I saw we have to change the battery desiccant cartridges every 2 years, but because Vegas is very dry, may it is not an issue.
I have an other question what is the factory warranty on the battery? "4 years or 50000 miles" OR "8 years or 62000 miles". Should I go to MB to check if everything is ok?
Thank you so much in advance for your advices on this difficult choice and so happy to have finally one!
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Looks to me to be out of warranty, (2014 + 4 = 2018) . Even my 2017 453 has only a 4 year warranty :cry:. Anyways if the dessicant filter was never changed, MB might not honor the warranty even if it was still less than 4 years old. And be sure to read about the 12 volt battery problem found elsewhere in this forum, if you have the original 12 volt battery in the car.
Hello Jeb, I went to MB for the service, I did it, it costs me 550, but at least I know. The car seems ok, will see... apparently I have a 12v battery on my 2014 (with an 5 year old 12v battery...), and if I understand correctly, if the 12v battery goes wrong (empty), it can damage the high voltage battery? Correct? Can I change it myself and avoid this kind of issues (or should I go to the dealership (and pay $300 more))? Can I disconnect the 12v even few minutes? I changed battery before on gas car, but this one I am worry to mess up. Thank you for your help.
letoon, I don't know, you are asking the wrong guy, ask others who have changed the battery, there are other discussions on this forum that talk about this, see what they say. (My smart is a 2017 453 ED. Batteries are new.)
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