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Looks like other automakers are rushing in to capitalize on Smart's success with small cars of their own.

In addition to Mitsubishi's " i " already in production,

now Fiat is jumping into the mix, along with VW and Toyota, both who will display concepts at next weeks Frankfurt Autoshow.

Fiat is considering making a 3rd model based on the Panda and 500 small car platform. At 3200mm, it will be 300 mm shorter then the Panda, but still be a four seater.

By comparison, Toyota will display a production ready Endo at Frankfurt, which at 3150 mm will be a unique 3+1 seater - 2 front seats, a full size seat behind the passenger sear and a child's seat behind the driver.

VW, has indicated the production of a rear-wheel drive 4 seater, at 3400mm, by 2010

Still the smallest, the SmartForTwo is only 2700mm in length.

(from Automotive News)
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