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So... As you may have already gathered from my posts about the modifications done by my 08 Smart's previous owner, they did a LOT of changes, some of which, such as the air filter, simply make no sense.

This one is one that has been bothering me since day one.

As you know, the smart is supposed to have an aux input for the stereo system in the glove box. PO did not, apparently, like that. Instead they seem to have disassembled the dash at some point, removed the aux port, hard spliced with heatshrink a really low quality aux cord directly onto the wire leading from the port in the glovebox to the stereo system, and ran the spliced cord out of the dash to the right of steering wheel and left of stereo, in that little storage shelf under the steering wheel.

The cord has deteriorated to the point where 70% of the time if I drive over a slight bump in the road, it produces a burst of static and drops out more than half of the digital signal going to the sound system.

I am pretty sure that I might be able to fix it by just splicing another aux input plug on it... but I really shouldn't have to have done that...

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