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Anti Lock Break Light ?

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I can not find my manual for the 2007 Smart Car ForTwo Passion, and I think it is the anti lock brake light that keeps coming on the dash (to the right of the speedometer, etc) when I start the car. However, whenever I push the anti lock brake button (underneath the stereo) the light goes off. #1, is this the anti lock brake light ?( it is the symbol of a ! with a jagged line underneath it surrounded by large parenthesis). #2, any ideas what this may mean? And, #3, where can I go in MI to get this checked out? Any info. would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks :)
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O.K. I'm not sure if you meant 2007 fortwo.......or 2008? Either way, what you're describing sounds like the Tire Pressure Sensor Warning Light. This light comes on when a tire is losing/has lost pressure. The button that you're referring to under the radio is the RESET button for the Tire Pressure Sensors. So.........if this light comes on when you start the car, it's either indicating that you've lost pressure in one of your tires, or the system is malfunctioning. If it illuminates continuously, then one or more of your tires is under-inflated........if it flashes, there's a malfunction in the system. When you press the reset button, you're telling the system that whatever the amount of air (currently) in your tires is basically, the correct amount, so the light will go off. If you come back out later, and the light is on again, it's a good indication that you may have a nail in your tire or something that's causing it to lose pressure. So..........first, check all of your tires with a reliable pressure gauge. The front tires should be approx. 29 lbs. of pressure, and the rear should be 36 lbs. of pressure. If any of your tires are significantly lower than that, you've probably got a nail/screw/leak in that tire, which would need to be repaired. Air up your tires to proper the TPMS RESET button, and everything should be alright. Hope that helps!
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