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Antifreeze recommendations for a Smart 453?

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Can anyone tell me what brand of antifreeze can be used in a 2016 453. Thanks
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Walmart says they have an OEM coolant for $51, or Prestone's equivalent for 11 bucks...
Thanks that helps.
Curious minds want to know:
How do you know you are using the "wrong coolant"?
Any telltale sign?
What can go wrong if you are mixing in the "wrong coolant"?
E.g. top up the coolant level but have no idea what the existing coolant type/brand is?
Just want to know what to buy when it comes time to add some.
Khlam, I’m not necessarily endorsing OEM products, just the recommended type for the car.

I don’t have deep pockets so in many cases, the OEM versions are too expensive for my tastes too
Looks like that I will be going with Prestone. Thanks everyone for the follow up.
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Rock Auto...

Just watch the shipping.

Zerex G-40 can be found at NAPA...

Looks like Zerex G-40 is the way to go, I spoke with the service person who only deals with Smart Cars where my car came from when new and always serviced there and he said just make sure the coolant is pink and not green like prestone because if you mix them all is fine until you turn off the car and when it cools down the coolant then turns into a jelly like substance. They had that issue with the newer models.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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