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Any Chance for Generic Quick-switch Batteries??

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The global transition to electric cars has been held up in the elevation by the lack of generic quick switch that works. All automakers would have sold far more electric vehicles had they been able to agree on one, two or three quick-switch standards.

As Mercedes considers the new Smart EQ Fortwo, hopefully, it study the idea.
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...Instead the packs should be made out of modules and the module should be a standard size. How each pack uses the modules can be different, but the modules themselves should be the same or come in a small range of sizes that weigh at most around 20lbs.

If the Smart car had at least one module that could be removed and replaced with a new one by the driver, you could keep a fully charged extra at home or in the car and seriously reduce the range anxiety for most people.
Thanks. That capability would permit EVs to be used as courrier vehicles, a “no-luggage” ride-share class or for long distance trips. Sales would then grow dramatically.
...Why not just equip the cars with DC quick charge so you can fully charge the car in 20 minutes? That's what all the other car companies are doing.
Yes, but what % of full charge does that 20 minutes provide?

Overtime, the industry needs to migrate to standard modules that are interchangeable and work in parallel or series in a form of rank in the vehicle. Some vehicle racks would hold more modules than others, but the modules would be generic to a single standard.

The modules would not be sold as part of the car; only the right to draw x number of modules. They would continue to be owned by the manufacturers or national third party EV battery module companies. Service stations (or EV support stations) would have large multi-module charging racks so drivers could simply stop to swap for fully charged modules and be on their way.

That would move the Nation from carbon-based to fully electric vehicles far more quickly. If we don’t create the standards, China surely will, given its greater government control of industry sectors.
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