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Is there an easy way to hook up a multi-meter to get a voltage reading on the 12v battery? I looked around and couldn't find any simple place to do it. It looks to be just as easy to tear up the passenger side floor and get the reading right off of the battery itself. I know that some of you routed wiring through to the front "hood" flap, but other than that is the battery itself the best option
Routing a pair of wires from the battery to the hood flap is an easy job - and provides the ability to charge a dead battery with the car locked. This is important because from what I can tell, the backup key lock on the driver's side door is not a mechanical lock - it actuates an electric solenoid (same as remote unlock) to operate the lock. So getting into the car with a dead battery is not easy. There is a rubber gland in the firewall near the steering column for routing the charging/test wires. No hole drilling is needed.
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