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Any way to change or mute Chime Sounds?

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I hate that the neighborhood has to know when I enter and turn the key on my Smart Car. The car knows this and after a few seconds will lower the volume on the chime somehow after a few seconds.

Is there any way I can change the sound (like the pleasing BMW chime) or mute (at the cost of forgetting the lights on and not being warned, thats how much I hate it) the chime somehow?
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Give your neighbor some, Bose noise canceling headphones. No way, you can mute it, change the sound etc.
Anyone know where the beeping noise is coming from to fasten your seatbelt?
I sure don’t. It’s really never bothered me before. I remember the 1960’s GM cars, had the nastiest buzzard chimes. All new car Musical tones, are built-in into the software of the vehicles computer. I would just crawl under the dashboard with a stethoscope and listen for where the sound is coming from. That’s what I would do.....


Sorry, Basically you may just have to live with those noises. Here’s how you disconnect it all together....

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1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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