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Any way to discover what kind of seat build i have?

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My ex destroyed the heated leather seats for my 09' passion cabriolet with some sort of cleaner, and I'm gonna get a set of 08's to replace them, but the listing for the replacement seats mentions an "interior trim code IBAA", and I can't seem to find out what trim code my car actually has based on its VIN. Any help is much appreciated!
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Very expensive for new. Check eBay for used. You can also take you car to a automotive upholstery shop. If you don’t care the Upholstery pattern. They can make anything you want. Are they leather, or cloth? Probably leather if they’re heated. Here are some used cloth ones. If they are leather ones, and have been damaged color wise. They can be re die.

That's a pretty good price. Wonder if the side air bags are still intact?
You would know right away. The sides of the seats would be blown out.
They look good to me. A couple cigarette burns in the driver seat. the passenger seat looks a little stained.

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