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Anybody knows any locksmith program and cut smart fortwo keys(NYC and/or tristate)

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2013 Smart fortwo Passion

Hello All,

Does anyone know a locksmith that program and cut smart fortwo keys in the nyc/tristate area? I am avoiding the mercedes dealer. Thanks smart fortwo crew :)
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Sorry... The MB Dealers are probably your best bet...
Was there a Smart Service Center in Paramus?
Yea I believe so and Long Island. I think the only one that provide smart service is Manhattan.
Here's a thought...
I bought my Smart from these guys:
They probably see all kinds of issues with keys, and they should know the best places to get them cut and programmed.
Cool Thank you. I did find a locksmith located in Brooklyn. Key, cut and programmed for 149 not bad :)
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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