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Anyone have a Boesch Armrest for sale?

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I am looking for a black Boesch Armrest. I would also take silver if I can find one.

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Good Luck Kevin,
I just sold an extra one I had a few weeks ago for $125 plus shipping.
They are pretty rare, but make driving the little buckboard longer distances almost tolerable.
Of course keep your eye on Ebay etc..
When you see one don't hesitate. Buy it
There are plastic armrests still available online.
Good Luck
Here is one of the original threads from 2009 talking about armrest Boesch armrests.
They sold for $289.
Well $289 is what they were advertised and sold for.

Very distinct possibility you got a discount for hosting the 2010 Nationals.
The guy who bought yours got a great deal.
Old post about bousch armrests.
You sir got a deal. Plain and simple.
Did you get your paddle shifters at the same time?
If you give me more time I can find the post where Matt defended his $289 price.



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#91 · Jun 3, 2009

I want to get one of these, but I'll wait until it comes down from $285. $100 I can handle for something cool I can rest my arm on. For $285, I'll see if I can make my own! (Or more likely, do without.)

Or. Price of a slightly scratched armrest.
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Hi all!

While doing a little cleaning around the shop, I came acrossed this armrest orphan. She has some light scuff marks on the bracket, and her powder coating has a very faint line in it. These flaws are extremely minor but I wouldn't feel right selling it full price.

If you want it, it's yours for $225 and that includes shipping to 48 states.
Just PM me if you are interested, I only have one and it's first come first serve!

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