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Anyone have a Boesch Armrest for sale?

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I am looking for a black Boesch Armrest. I would also take silver if I can find one.

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Kevin, I sold mine a couple years ago for 60 bucks to a member in Texas. Very rare and hard to find. Brand new, from Matt. Cost me 100 dollars, at the 2010 smart car Nationals. He installed too.

I ended up buying the OEM one, offered on the newer 451 smart cars. It has adjustable height.

Good Luck, in your search.


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smart Madness use to offer one, that was a similar in design. No holes. All aluminum too, and slim.


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I didn’t pay brand new, $289.00 for it. Might have been cause, I hosted him to the 2010 National, back then. He gave me he’s event discount. The only thing, I didn’t care for. The rubber stop, would get cut, and fall off. I bought a small amount of vacuum hose to replace it. It was only handy for one passenger. My wife took, lots of trips in the car. One arm, at a time armrest.
Well $289 is what they were advertised and sold for.

Very distinct possibility you got a discount for hosting the 2010 Nationals.
The guy who bought yours got a great deal.
I don’t think, he had them priced for $289, at the smart car Nationals. They were around $150 there. I was torn either to buy the smart madness one, or Matt’s. I liked the holes, in Matt’s armrest better. That why I couldn’t figure out why you sold a 11 year old one, for the price of a new one. At the time.

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Jo e Lefors, Matt had a lot of arm rests, available at our 2010 nationals here. He probably came down in price, because their weren’t selling at $285. Over 230 smart cars attend here. He was extremely busy, installing paddle shifters, armrests, and exhaust systems. We had a nasty June storm pass though, that Saturday of the event. I was helping him hold down, his installation tent. From blowing away.

smartMadness was offering this armrest, at the Nationals too. reasonably priced.

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To the Op, This is the OEM armrest, I replaced Matt’s with. I took my drivers seat out of the car. To install it. Didn’t Butcher the foam like this guy did. Leather grain matches prefect. Salvage it was around $40.00. It’s really nice. If you never find one Matt made.


Matts arm rest, sat on my work bench, for 6 years. If I only new it was worth more then I paid for it.
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