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Anyone install a stretch belt themselves.

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I have this tool from lisle (59370) to remove & install the stretch belt. Very difficult to use. There seems to be no room on the bottom crank pulley as it is a double pulley with the inner portion being of a smaller diameter where the A/C belt goes. . The crank pulley sits very close to the engine so there is no clearance on the back of that pulley to install the tool. The only option is to get the belt in place around the crank pulley & stretch it over the a/c pulley. I put the stretch tool on the a/c pulley but when I rotate the crank the belt slips so I am just spinning the pulley & not getting any traction in order to get the belt to stretch onto that pulley, what a PIA. Any suggestions beside putting the outer belt on & driving to the a/c shop? There must be some other tool out there or I just suck at this part. I replaced my A/c compressor & I still have the engine lowered so it is optimal for me to work on the belts at this time. I had to wait a week to get that stretch belt from Smart Madness. WTH was smart thinking by putting a stretch belt on the inner portion of the crank pulley? It would be so much easier if it was on the outer pulley
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