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In 2005 a Sydney, Australian company called KahDo had the idea to leases Smart cars very inexpensively, for around $42 a week, for drivers who would drive Smart cars wrapped in advertising. KahDo offers drivers a Smart car at a fraction of the typical cost. The cost of the vehicle is sponsored by advertising displayed on the body of the car. When KahDo launched their idea the company received 10,000 requests for the first 100 Smart cars. Clearly, twho gets to drive a KahDo vehicle could been a problem.

Three years later they are going national. They are also offering their cars to small business owners.

Advertising is changed once a quarter by KahDo’s operators at KahDo depots near the drivers. KahDo is now expanding nationally throughout Australia.

Drive a Promo smart Car for $42 a week

This is a call-out to savvy urbanites! In a national first, KahDo are offering smart cars for the cost of a Thai takeaway!

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth residents now have the opportunity to be part of an interactive new-age marketing drive from urban marketer KahDo and drive away in a smart car for as little as $42 per week.

This small cost covers all maintenance, on-road assistance costs and registration (excludes compulsory insurance costs). Terms and conditions apply and are available at the KahDo website.

Already a hit in Sydney and Melbourne, the KahDo smart cars are going national and they're looking for fun, hip urbanites who want to smarten up their life by driving one of their branded cars at a price that allows them to save money for the more important things in life.

Applications are now open and once accepted, the chosen few will be given the keys to their own personal smart car for the next 12 months!

Source: Web Wombat

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July 28, 2008 12:00pm

SHOULD your business car have a sponsorship deal? Seamus Byrne discovers an advertising-subsidised car leasing service for small businesses that delivers a genuine win-win. If it's good enough for Formula One teams, is it good enough for you?

Back in 2005 a Sydney small business had the crazy idea of leasing cars very cheaply in exchange for the drivers accepting that their vehicles would be wrapped in advertising. Three years on, KahDo is succeeding in a competitive advertising market and is ready to go national. It is also getting set to offer its cars to small business owners.

In essence KahDo is a media business, selling unique outdoor billboard space to advertisers.

Through an in-depth selection process, KahDo creates a community of drivers matching lucrative geographic, demographic, and psychographic profiles that see their branded cars cruising in all the right places. For the driver, the win is a zippy little SMART car on lease for just $6 a day — all maintenance and roadside assistance costs included.

“Vehicles are an extension of lifestyle,” says Chris McMillan, Sales & Marketing Director at KahDo.

“We’re quite literally bringing consumers and advertisers together in a way that really does benefit both.”

When word first spread that KahDo was set to launch, the company received 10,000 applications for its first 100 cars. Clearly, being choosy about who gets to drive a KahDo vehicle has never been a problem. .

Car sponsorship for small-to-medium businesses

With the expansion into the small business market, KahDo is aiming to deliver a genuine win-win for business users with a larger car than the SMART — offering them a 3-door Toyota Yaris.

For those driven by the costs, Mr McMillan points to some big savings on offer. “If a business was to lease direct it would first have to enter into a three year commitment. With us you commit to only 12 months at $6 per day and you save about $6000.”

Even the GPS tracking system has offered indirect cost savings. It may not translate to free navigation, but McMillan says it has saved at least one driver from a parking fine. “The GPS system was able to point out the car wasn’t actually there, so they didn’t have to pay.”

KahDo is doing what it can to tread more lightly on the Earth as well, buying 100% carbon offset for all its vehicles.

“We’re not putting additional cars on the road, either,” says Mr McMillan. “Early on people equated us with those trucks with billboards, but they are vehicles on the road purely for advertising. Instead, we’re taking people out of older cars and putting them into ours. We are actively looking on the horizon for new technologies and new cars to remain as environmentally friendly as possible.”

Big brands embracing KahDo

KahDo’s track record shows a solid line up of first-class advertisers, with big names like Nokia, Telstra, Jetstar, Mars, Tooheys and more well known brands all getting involved.

“It took three years, and we’ve had a lot of belief in our own small business,” says Mr McMillan.

“We’re now at the point where people understand what it is about and we’re really starting to make it. We expect to have around 350 cars on the road nationally by end of year.”

Mr McMillan suggests industries like hospitality, health/fitness, retail/sales, agencies, and a huge range of contractors and professional services fields would be ideal. From doctors to musicians, accountants to designers, KahDo is open to applications from any small business owner, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, or Perth, who can see the benefit in joining forces for a planned October launch.

“We expect we will be dealing with smart, savvy operators,” says Mr McMillan. “They’re playing the game, playing the system, and this is a way to engage in a relationship that has a real mutual benefit.”

KahDo is looking for Small Business Owners in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth interested in driving a new Toyota Yaris for $6 a day. If you would like to apply for sponsorship, email your contact details to KahDo: [email protected]

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