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Auto insurance for a 2005 450??!

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Auto insurance for a 2005 450??!
I just picked up my first Smart car this weekend… A 2005 Passion Cabriolet. Really excited with the car, but I’m running into an insurance nightmare! I have all my insurance with Allstate, they will not insure it and I’ve made a number of phone calls and online inquiries with no luck. The only insurance I can find was General ,and they’re charging a fortune! I want to drop them within the month and get a real insurance company. What do you guys use? Every insurance company I talk to says it’s a gray market car, the VIN does not show up, and they won’t insure it. By the way I live in Florida. Thanks!
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I've got mine on State Farm.

The local agent had to take pictures of the VINs to satisfy their underwriters.

Interestingly, the Title Completion notice from the State of Colorado came back with a value of $12,000.
I got my insurance agent to write the policy for $10K replacement; works out to $500 for six months for the 2005 450.

I don't even think my 2016 453 is worth that much :shrug:
Insurance is less expensive for 2nd generation Smarts - Please note the thread title...

(1st generation 450 (1998-2007) in the USA)
There may not be enough value left on the car for insurance companies to write a collision & comprehensive policy on. Just staying.
Good luck.

Probably on a 451 but 450s for some reason are 10 years older than the 453 but are worth more.
As I mentioned before I got a policy from State Farm with collision primarily because of the glass roof and the hail we get here :)
Hope I don't have to claim it but where are they going to find a 20 year old glass roof? lol

I already had the 453 passenger side tridion fixed from baseball sized hail last year (they were able to PDR the driver side tridion)
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