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I'll figger this car out
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Hello all,
Back with more questions as I plan my next move. The car has a warm garage as a home and I am going to start some of the structural mods to make it last.
One will be new CV joint axle boots. I figure I may need this if I do a 1"-2" lift anyway.
Assuming that the CV joints and axles are good, I will replace the boots. Herein come the questions.

Which boots? BUTA-N artificial rubber or gray silicone? Which is better?
What about lube? Mercedes and Rolls used to include several packages of grease with the boots. If the makers don't, what lube should I buy?
Any special tricks for installing? I have the pneumatic/hydraulic lube stretcher to slowly run the boots over the larger parts of the axle, so no problem there.

Any other special tools besides a 55 gallon drum of patience?
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