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Battery Cables

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Purchased a 14 pure the other day and decided to put an umbilical cord on the battery. When I loosen the nut on the negative cable, the terminal broke into pieces. There was a minimal amount of corrosion on it. I connected the positive wire to the top nut of the terminal block so I didn't disturb the clamp.

Anyway, I'm threatening to replace the battery as it is 3.5 years old. I'm fearful the positive side will also break when I change out the battery.

I see a superceeded part number of the cable. Was this a known issue?
I'm still under warranty, but the servicing dealer is a 160 mile round trip.


Marty in Kerrville
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Fortunately, i had a negative cable from a VW project, so it worked out. Original battery, so who knows what happened.
I'll go ahead with changing out the battery.

Thanks, Marty
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