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Battery Disconnect

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I am new to forums so apologize if this has already been addressed! Hoping someone will help!

I am wanting to tow my 08 Smart ForTwo behind my class C RV. The Smart has been equipped with the base plate, tow bar... by my local rv dealer. They told me that I need a battery disconnect and to contact the dealer. I spoke with my local dealer and he said that they can not order one. Which I'm having a hard time understanding this since the manual states to contact a dealer. They say that it is an after market part. I am having problems finding the part or knowing if I have the correct part when searching for it. Can you please share the part you have used and part name and number? Thanks! Also I spoke with someone who has towed a Smart and they said they had to bungee the steering wheel due to the wheels not straightening out after a turn. Wondering if others have this same issue.

Thanks for your help!
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We towed our '08 Passion for over 25,000 w/o a battery disconnect. Yes, we did "X" a set of bungees to the seat frame and through the steering wheel to keep the little guy from bouncing from left to right - works great (right frame to left side of steering wheel, and vice versa. The bungee kept the wheel centered and under tension - but not so tight that it couldn't respond to turns. And we simply put the car in neutral, then turned off the key in the ignition before towing. Be sure to keep a spare key in the RV, as somehow got locked out of the little fella once or twice. We did a LOT of research back in '08, and this was what the other owners were doing. Our was a Blue Ox tow bar/system designed for a smart car.
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