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2011 Smart ForTwo Coupe. one owner - me. 30K miles. Original battery. I live in Seattle. I last drove the car on March 23rd. It's in an enclosed garage beneath my condo. I got in it on Saturday to take the cat to the vet. There was enough juice to unlock the door and make a sound but not enough to start the car. We are under stay at home rules here until the first week in May. Maybe longer. I live alone. No other cars I wouldn't mind having a car available for emergencies but I can probably live without it.

  • So. Should I get a mobile mechanic to come out and jump the car? Will your average mobile mechanic know how to jump a Smart car?
  • Should I get the Mercedes dealership (the only ones who have ever worked on it) to come out and jump it?
  • If I get it going, will riding it around the block a couple of times a week be enough to keep it charged? I really have no place to go other than maybe the grocery store or bagel place a mile from here.
  • If I just leave it until May or June, will I even be able to get in it? Will it charge from totally dead?
I'm debating all these things with myself and I have very limited knowledge so I'm looking for some outside suggestions of what to do. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice.
Had AAA come by to jumpstart my 08 Passion but would not hold a charge so the replaced it, 9yr old battery! get rid of it 👍
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