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Battery Update

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Just had my 2.0 tranny update done as well as the battery replacement update. After coming home I always check out what was done. When I looked at the new battery I noticed that the breather tube was broken off. Obviously the new battery is a different shape, so when the tech placed the styrofoam foot rest back in he snapped it off by accident. I called the dealer & they sent a new breather hose. I had to carve out the styrofoam so it would not happen again.
Just thought it would be a good idea to pass this along so we don't get overcome by venting battery gases. Lets see how long it takes SMART corporate to figure this one out!
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Just went out to the garage and checked wife's battery upgrade preformed last Wednesday, April1st and noticed the black battery vent nipple broken off flush with the battery and no way to repair it that I know of. Any suggestions? Our dealership is three hours drive one way...
Thanks for the sugestion but I was able to resolve my problem. Went back out to the garage and took everything apart again. I was able to pull the black 90* nipple out of the battery by what thread of plastic was still left. Then pulled the other end of the nipple out of the hose. Took the nipple and cut the sliver of plastic off (wasn't worth anything the way it was) then gently forced the big end of the nipple into the hose thus giving me the other end to refit into the battery. After looking closely at the styroform foot panel I thought I could see where it had pressed against the battery vent nipple. Using a razor knife I cut out a square about one inch in size all the way thru the styrofoam and replaced it back into place. I could actually see the battery vent nipple with attached hose exactually where the dent was before so this should take care of my problem. Please be extra careful whenever removing the styroform foot panel as that it can very easily break off the black plastic vent nipple...there is really no room for error here. Whether you do it or the dealership had done it when replacing the battery due to the size of the 61 amp battery, it is so very easy to damage!!!
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