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Benton City Spring car show

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Benton City is having it's annual Spring car show. First show of the season in the Tri Cities. Great opportunity for a Smart get together. Cost is $20 for the show & Shine or $3 for an admission ticket. Anyone interested.
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When is the car show? It might be a fun drive to the Tri City area with other smarties. We could meet somewhere, like at the Supermall as we did before and all go together, if weather permits. We might be dirty smarties by the time we get there and may need to wash up. :) HA!
My Bad. Saturday April 24 at the Benton City Middle School. It would be fun to show up with a bunch of Smart cars.
Benton City is in Washington State. It is about 200 miles East of Seattle, about 15 miles from the Tri Cities (Richland,Kennewick and Pasco).
Benton City Spring Opener Car & Bike Show Here is the link to the car show. All of the money goes to local youth activities. It's a fun small town thing.
I love small towns and it looks like a lot of fun but a little far for me to go. Have a great time! :)
$20 for an event in a one salt lick town? OUCH!

I'm out anyway-- I'm doing a walk for March of Dimes that Saturday.

But... if anything else comes up, let's do it!

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