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Thanks to Glenn at CSC for finding this one:

The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Dec. 27 2013, 5:00 AM EST
Last updated Friday, Dec. 27 2013, 5:37 PM EST

The new year is coming, and for many companies that means a spanking new advertising budget as well. Before they move on to persuading consumers in the year ahead, however, here’s a look back at the best in advertising from 2013.
The Globe asked some of Canada’s sharpest advertising minds for their picks. Here are five campaigns that got their attention.


Advertiser: Daimler AG’s Smart car

Ad agency: BBDO Germany

Chosen by: Aaron Starkman, partner and creative director at Rethink

Any commercial can show how well a product works; this one does the opposite. A tiny Smart car tries to navigate some of the tropes used in commercials for more rugged vehicles – careening up a dirt hill, driving over boulders, speeding through a creek – and fails. Miserably.

The message? Taking this little compact into the wilderness makes about as much sense as city dwellers who drive hulking sport utility vehicles.

It’s not only an intelligent joke, it also revitalizes what has become a stale category: car commercials.

“It’s a revolutionary approach,” Mr. Starkman said. “Car ads all seem to be the same. The SUV ads are the same, sedan ads are similar, luxury ads are similar. They all have a style. This one has never been done.”

Mr. Starkman also praised the ad’s production values. The one scene in the spot that shows the Smart car performing well is on a posh downtown street, squeezing into a tight parking space.

“It’s smart, and it really sells the car.”

The best ads of 2013 - The Globe and Mail
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